A Kentucky native, I dreamed of big cities and extravagant vacations.  I wanted to see the world, but in style. Friends backpacked around Europe, working extra jobs to pay for airfare on budget airlines, sleeping in hostels with a bunch of strangers, and eating the cheapest food available.  However, I always dreamed of flying first class and checking into 5-star hotels in Paris, London, and Rome.  I knew there was likely no way to afford these ideas until much later in life, but then I found a way to do it for free.  


No matter what you pay me, you'll be coming out ahead.  Far ahead.  I am a personal testament as to how someone can spend 11 nights in Europe at 4 and 5-star hotels, with airfare, for $342 rather than the valued $13k+.

Banks are effectively giving away free money.  Well, not exactly.  However, they are giving away the resources which make this kind of travel available for regular people like you and me.  Get yours.  I'll show you how...satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.